[2010MMA金牌獎] Elements of Islay 艾雷元素 Pe2

商品目錄MMA歷年得獎威士忌(Malt Maniacs Award)
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭艾雷島區
年 份:
酒 齡: years old
酒 精 度:59.5%
容 量:50 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:
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Elements of Islay 艾雷元素 Pe2

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Pe2 59.5% 榮獲2010 MMA麥芽狂人大賽 金牌獎 & 最佳泥煤威士忌大獎

Best Peated Malt Award 2010 (Ultra Premium)
(Best whisky distilled from - relatively - peated malt)
Port Ellen 'Pe2' (59.5%, Speciality Drinks Ltd., Bottled +/- 2010)

Pe2 Tasting Notes :

Nose: I let the bottle sit open for a few minutes before pouring.  At 59.5%, I usually find most drams need a bit of aeration before I can get the best out of them.
First impressions in the glass: chocolate, very old leather suitcases, balsamico, then a faintly leafy sweetness. Resinous, gammony. Another couple of minutes in the glass reveal rosehip syrup, lovely damp earthy notes, Chinese balloons, syrup, treacle tart, hints of black liquorice. Gamey, minty. Eventually, some woodsmoke, cigar box aromas and some citrus: lemon zest, orangey fruit. Another few minutes of restraint and it’s all apricots, wet flint, plums and dates. Finally, after perhaps 45 minutes, we arrive at a delicious orange, dark chocolate liqueur. 
Palate: Pretty full, but very drinkable even at full strength. A wash of coaldust and bonfire woodsmoke, with some dried peat. Chocolate hints. Very lively, it fairly fizzes around the tastebuds. Some spice and mocha. Becomes warming mid-palate as the bonfire peat kicks in. Water tames the fiery roar and lifts the sweetness, while retaining a peaty kick.
Finish: Good length. Becomes drying, with a little chilli heat; as the phenols fade, a honeysuckle sweetness and some fruity notes emerge.
Comment: Another majestic PE. Any sherry cask of this age (minimum 27 years old) that has only dropped a few points abv is likely to do something pretty special to the spirit inside. You have to like peat and sherry, obviously, but fans of the last Pe1 won’t be disappointed with this – from memory, I think it’s very similar - possibly a little sweeter. I lit a cigarette and asked my glass ‘How was it for you?’.