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Balvenie 17年 Peated Cask 43%

商品目錄A~Z 蘇格蘭單一麥芽威士忌BBalvenie
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭斯佩賽
年 份:
酒 齡:17 years old
酒 精 度:43%
容 量:75 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:
WHISKYFUN:80 points
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百富17年泥煤桶限量單一純麥威士忌,獨特過桶陳年技術 滴滴珍酌

2001年百富酒廠實驗性地用一批重泥煤烘烤的大麥來製作百富威士忌。為了增加風味,首席調酒師大衛史都 華在數年後決定把這批威士忌換桶到美國傳統橡木桶中繼續熟成。而大衛史都華將這些空下來重泥煤風味的 橡木桶,倒入熟成了17年的百富威士忌,再勾兌調和在美國全新橡木桶過桶的17年百富威士忌,兩者結合而 成百富17年系列的最新酒款—百富17年泥煤桶。風味豐富複雜,帶著特殊的泥煤煙燻味與濃郁的香甜口感。


百富17年限量單一純麥威士忌系列從2001年起限量發行,目前已推出 Islay Cask (2001)、New Wood (2005)、New Oak (2006)、Sherry Oak (2007)及Rum Cask (2008),其獨特之處源自二○○一年推出百富十七年限量版Islay Cask後,首席調酒大師大衛史都華(David Stewart),運用豐富酒藏及純熟技巧,每年採用不同酒桶進行過桶陳年(wood finish),造就限量生產、多樣豐富的百富十七年系列。

Tasting by Whiskyfun Serge:
Balvenie 17 yo 'Peated Cask' (43%, OB, 2010) Three stars
A sequel to the very excellent 17yo ‘Islay Cask’ from around 2004 (WF 90). By law, the non-Islay brands can’t use the appellation ‘Islay Cask’ anymore, but they can use ‘Pomerol Cask’, ‘Sauternes Cask’ or ‘Barolo Cask’ at will, how weird is that? Anyway, this baby has been finished (or maybe fully matured, not sure) in some casks that had previously held some peated whisky, but how much peated whisky was remaining in the wood? Let’s find out… Colour: full gold. Nose: great! It immediately reminds me of the older version, with this very subtle combination of Balvenie’s usual honey, dried apricots and juicy ripe plums with a dry and even sooty and ashy smokiness. At times, this combination can create some faint soapy, or rather paraffiny notes but nothing really unpleasant, it’s all rather funny. There’s also an earthiness and quite some vanilla, even a little smoked ham. Mouth: once again, there’s something extra-terrestrial here. Imagine some plum eau-de-vie that you’d have put into a smoker oven. Funny (I insist). There’s even something briny and coastal, very un-Balvenie, as well as quite some toasted bread and even raw coffee beans. Also something medicinal (antiseptic). Gets then sootier and sootier, maybe a little bitter and certainly very dry. Harder. Finish: not its best moment, I’d say, with the bitterness growing bolder and bolder. I must say I’m a bit lost now. Comments: interesting in-cask vatting. Worked very, very well for a good while but it became a little difficult on the palate, especially the finish wasn’t too pleasant in my opinion. Good whisky nonetheless – and it’s not boring! SGP:534 - 80 points.