Glen Spey 30年 54.5% Anniversary Selection 蘇格蘭之光精選

商品目錄蘇格蘭單一桶單一麥芽威士忌(按產區) Single Single蘇格蘭斯佩賽區 Speyside
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭斯佩賽
年 份:
酒 齡:30 years old
酒 精 度:54.5%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:455
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Glen Spey 30Year old 54.5% 455瓶 (裸瓶)
蘇格蘭之光精選系列 Anniversary Selection

Glen Spey
格蘭斯佩酒廠簡介 : 

Glen Spey的名字與Speyside沒關係,而是來自於蓋爾語中的Glen Yspyddad也就是山楂之谷(Glen Hawthorn)的意思。酒廠建立於1878年,一開始是Rothes的麵粉廠(Mills of Rothes),蒸餾廠的運轉則在1885年才開始,兩年後才更名為Glen Spey。在這個短暫的時間內酒廠曾經一度與Macallan同在一個老闆的旗下。後來幾度易手成為第一間被英格蘭人擁有的蘇格蘭酒廠,目前隸屬於Diageo集團。 

Rothes這個Speyside核心小城的鎮上有四間蒸餾廠,無庸置疑的這是最不為人知的一間(另三間是:Glen Grant, Glenrothes, Speyburn),這間酒廠的酒幾乎都只進入調和威士忌中,它是J&B的核心酒款,酒廠幾乎沒有自家的單一麥芽裝瓶,2001年因為Diageo Flower & Fauna系列而配合裝瓶12yo,前年則是配合Managers Choice系列有支1996年的產品,去年底則是出現一支1989年蒸餾的21yo限量版。 

酒廠在 1970年擴建前都維持只有兩座蒸餾器並保持地板發麥,水源來自Doon/Doonie Burn的軟水,不過冷卻水則取自鄰近的River Rothes,這裡是最早改成目前業界大量使用的不鏽鋼加頂半萊特糖化槽的酒廠,所以這類型的糖化槽也被業界稱為:Glen Spey mashtun,目前酒廠擁有八座不鏽鋼發酵槽與四座燈罩型蒸餾器,蒸餾器的林恩臂以15度向下延伸,冷凝器設在室外,蒸餾器是間接加熱的圓柱隔板型式 (stem plated, shell and tube),烈酒蒸餾器並且有純淨器(purifier)。

* 資料來源豪邁首席顧問Kingfisher姚和成先生 

Tasting Notes : 

N:  An intial burst of clean, fresh malt, then the oak makes its presence felt in a reassuringly refined way - without becoming too dusty or dominant. Dried bark, old books, polished bookcases - there's a distinct sense of the library in a gentleman's club here, all sophistication and gravitas. Develops some faint notes of blackcurrant flower, tweed, shredded marmalade, cocoa powder, cinnamon and clove.
Time and aeration are required for this reserved, yet supremely elegant, nose to fully reveal itself. Water reveals sugared almonds and a linseed oil aroma. 

P:  Medium-full weight.  Apple, sugar, and then a big surge of warm oak spices, teetering on the edge of dustiness.  A lot of clove, with some cinnamon bark and white pepper.  The cocoa from the nose emerges mid-palate, with some shortbread and pie pastry notes.  The oak is the star here, though.  Water lifts the tweediness and highlights the spices.  

F:  Decent length, and great balance of the oak, which is restrained from astringency by delicious sweet malt flitting between the gaps.  Water reveals a more lemony citrus character 

C:  A real surprise from a distillery normally known only for a so-so FF bottling and as a workhorse for the J&B blend.  Great on its own or with a (small) drop of water.