Lochside 1965 47年 54.6% Cask#6779,Adelphi

商品目錄珍藏威士忌推薦 Luxury Collection
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭高地區
年 份:1965
酒 齡:47 years old
酒 精 度:54.6%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:Cask No.: #6779
裝 瓶 數:552瓶
WHISKYFUN:89 points
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Lochside 1965 47年 54.6% Cask#6779 ,Adelphi  
Single Blend Whisky

Cask Strength - Unchillfiltered


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There are many extraordinary traits to this cask. Firstly it is from a distillery which no longer exists (closed in 1992); secondly it arrived in its original Harveys Bodega Spanish shipping butt complete with red seal; thirdly it still sports a hefty 54.6% alc/vol despite 47 years of maturation; and last, but by no means least, we managed to extract a few  bottles from the cask after all these years of angelic participation.
The term “single blend” relates to the fact that Lochside had both Patent and pot stills, allowing them to distill both grain and malt whisky. Occasionally these makes would be blended at birth into single casks to mature together – this is one such cask.

Tasting Notes by Whiskyfun Serge:
Lochside 47 yo 1965/2012 (54.6%, Adelphi, single blend, cask #6779, 552 bottles) Four stars and a half
We had sister cask #6778 earlier this year and really loved it (WF 90). Remember Lochside used to distil both grain and malt whiskies so this baby was ‘blended at birth’. Colour: dark gold. Nose: it’s really fun how both the grain and the malt are still alive and well after 47 years of marriage in wood! So almost a golden wedding but it seems that the grain says ‘coconut and pineapples’ whilst the malt says ‘chocolate’. Thankfully, both go very well together. I like the mint and eucalyptus from the wood very much as well, as well as these notes of old Sauternes and balsamico that develop over time. With water: more eucalyptus, liquorice wood, old palo cortado... Mouth (neat): the freshness is impressive although this is clearly some very old whisky. Some kind of elaborate mixture of herbal liqueurs, fruit wines and soft spices from the wood. With water: becomes fruitier and even fresher, water really ‘lifts’ it. Notes of mangos but also, just like in the sister cask from last year, an obvious rancio that hints at the best old cognacs. Finish: rather long, still without any excessive tannins or dryness. Cinnamon and oranges in the aftertaste. Comments: less chiselled and emphatic than the Lochside malts from the mid-1960s, but beautiful and complex. SGP:561 -
89 points.

About Adelphi 艾德菲酒業公司:   

    Adelphi艾德菲酒業公司成立於1826年,曾經是間知名蒸餾酒廠,生產麥芽威士忌、穀類威士忌及優質調和蘇格蘭威士忌,但幾經經營權移轉終成失落的酒廠;自1993年起重新以發行頂級高品質的獨立裝瓶廠威士忌為事業,「Adelphi 艾德菲」成為頂級威士忌的代名詞,於2012年於蘇格蘭東岸的Ardnamurchan半島正式取得興建蒸餾廠許可,在不久的將來必定成為眾人追逐的頂級蒸餾廠。

Adelphi目前由在2006年榮獲Keeper of the Quaich Alex Bruce 所領導的團隊經營,追求卓越、高水準的威士忌頂級產品,單一麥芽威士忌款款保持原汁原味,既非經冷凝過濾也不添加焦糖,主要商品有單一原桶強度威士忌(原酒)、蘇格蘭產區謎人酒廠精選系列及蘇格蘭調和威士忌,Adelphi選酒是威士忌界最具盛名的威士忌作家名人Charles Maclean擔任首席顧問,每款酒皆在Charles MacleanAlex Bruce 所領導的艾德菲選酒團隊嚴格把關下所出品,每次從合作的蒸餾廠中選酒,其中僅不到10%的機率能被雀屏入選。因此,Adelphi裝瓶廠威士忌在20042011MMA麥芽狂人競賽,獲得9面大獎、5面金牌、25面銀牌及9面銅牌的優異成績。