Caroni 1997 17yo C#2944 Rum 50% , Creative Whisky

商品目錄其他烈酒 Rum/Gin/Vodka
國 別:Trinidad & Tobago
產 地:千里達與多巴哥
年 份:1997
酒 齡:17 years old
酒 精 度:50%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:
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Caroni 1997 17yo C#2944 Rum 50% , Creative Whisky
卡羅尼1997年份精選單桶蘭姆酒  (產地:千里達與多巴哥)

Caroni卡羅尼酒廠位於千里達與多巴哥島(加勒比海地區),蘭姆酒的原料是採甘蔗釀造蒸餾而成,其中最著名的產區就是在Caroni酒廠位置的加勒比海一帶。酒廠成立於1918年,2002年關廠。酒廠庫存五千多桶於2008年陸續釋出,主要由幾間獨立裝瓶酒廠購得並裝瓶上市,例如: Creative Whisky、Berrys' Bro.&Rudd等...

The Caroni rum distillery had been in business since 1918 in Trinidad but it was closed in 2002 due to industry consolidation, leaving Angostura as the only active distillery in Trinidad and Tobago.

Nose: very aromatic, with overripe banana and cinnamon sweetness as the first impressions. Then some marzipan and caramel. Typical Caroni hints of engine oil and tar as well. Plenty of vanilla. Whiffs of mint. Very nice. Mouth: pretty austere. Some oak resin mixed with earthy notes (dried mushrooms) and leather. Again a tarry note and something slightly medicinal. Some liquorice and spices. Burnt sugar too. Finish: long, bold and tarry with a salty twist and whiffs of cinnamon.