Glenfarclas 格蘭花格 105 40YO 60%

商品目錄A~Z 蘇格蘭單一麥芽威士忌GGlenfarclas
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭斯佩賽
年 份:
酒 齡:40 years old
酒 精 度:60%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:893
WHISKYFUN:94 points
定價:NT$150,000/ 瓶
特價:NT$99,999/ 瓶
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Glenfarclas 40 Year old  "105發行40週年特別紀念版" 60%

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總裝瓶數:893瓶 (木盒精裝)

Notes to editors
  • Glenfarclas 105 was originally bottled as an 8 Years Old, however since 1989, it has been bottled as a 10 Years Old. Glenfarclas 105 Aged 40 Years is a vatting of two casks distilled in 1965 and filled at receiver strength of 114.6 British Proof (65.4% vol.) and bottled in 2008.
  • Glenfarclas 105 is a Cask Strength whisky. The vast majority of whiskies are reduced, water is added at the point of bottling to take the strength down to 40% or 43% Vol. Glenfarclas 105 is not reduced, instead casks are vatted together to obtain a constant strength of 60% Vol. Most whiskies would be deemed too over powering served at 60% Vol., however with a heavily sherried house style, Glenfarclas 105 is surprisingly smooth for its strength.
  • The British Proof system developed prior to the invention of the hydrometer. It is well known that most distilleries evolved from what were originally illicit stills, so the early distillers were not always completely straight in their business dealings. One trick was to sell watered down whisky to innkeepers. To check for this potential fraud the innkeepers devised a method to check the strength. They would add gun powder to the whisky and try to light the whisky, if it did not light, water had been added. If it lit, the whisky was ‘proved’. 105 stands for 5 over proof, equivalent to 60% vol.

Tasting Notes by Whiskyfun Serge:

Glenfarclas 40 yo '105' (60%, OB, 893 bottles, 2008)

Five stars From two casks bottled in 2008 to commemorate the first regular '105' that came out in 1968. Colour: amber. Nose: oh, I didn’t know this baby was that great! I should have tried it sooner… A complex, rich but very elegant sherriness, blending oranges, sultanas, milk chocolate and the most subtle notes of cinnamon and other spices. It really reminds me of some high-end mulled wine, maybe mulled wine made with some Hermitage Chapelle 1978? (the horror!) Seriously, it’s a fabulous nose so far. High-end chocolate. With water: fa-bu-lous development on many herbs and spices. Sultry but not heavy at all and very complex. Amazing. Mouth (neat): extraordinarily good! Stunning resinous and sappy attack, much more nervous than expected, more citrusy than other old Glenfarclasses. And many herbs and many spices… Only the high power is slightly ‘too much’ for this sissy of a taster so I’m eager to add a few drops of water to this utter beauty. With water: exceptional! Please call the anti-maltoporn brigade! Hundreds of candied fruits and thousands of herbs. And an amazing ‘ vibrancy’. Finish: long, big, penetrating. Endless – warning, it’ll kill your tasting session, which is what just happened here at WF Towers. Comments: only one regret, not to have tried this one when it came out in 2008. What an utter sherried beauty! Vattings of two or three casks are often more complex than single casks, as we already found out several times with Mr. Samaroli’s old bottlings, for instance. Or when mixing the remnants of a wee tasting session. This 40-105 is another perfect example! SGP:662 -
94 points.