SINGLETON 蘇格登 日光 Single Malt Whisky 40%

商品目錄A~Z 蘇格蘭單一麥芽威士忌SSingleton
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭斯貝賽
年 份:
酒 齡: years old
酒 精 度:40%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:
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Singleton Single Malt Whisky "SUNRAY"

Hallmark of Dufftown's intensity, this Single Malt is a mellow and classy expression. Singleton Sunray has aged in carefully selected toasted bourbon barrels that imparted rich honeyed notes to the whisky.
With a soft chocolatey mouthfeel evoking praline-filled chocolate rochers, this Single Malt reveals a gourmet profile and fruity notes.


Tasting Note

Nose:Vanilla and honey, apple and blackcurrant - two great pairs working well together. Grassy honey then dehydrated apple with cinnamon moving into strudel with some dark, syrupy blackcurrant.

Palate:Soft stewed apples. Thick honeyed texture and taste, with a hint of malt in the background.

Finish:Fairly short, warm and drying.