[2009MMA金牌&最佳雪莉桶]Glendronach 1972 37年 53.3% LMDW #CN:705

商品目錄A~Z 蘇格蘭單一麥芽威士忌GGlendronach
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭斯佩賽
年 份:1972
酒 齡:37 years old
酒 精 度:53.3%
容 量:70 cl
桶 別:Oloroso Sherry Butt
裝 瓶 數:275瓶
WHISKYFUN:90 points
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Glendronach 37yo 1972/2009
(53.3%, OB for LMDW, Oloroso Sherry Butt, Cask#705, 275)

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2009MMA金牌獎 & 最佳雪莉桶獎  兩項大獎

Best Sherry Cask Award 2009 (Ultra Premium)
(Best whisky matured exclusively in sherry cask(s)

Glendronach 37yo 1972/2009 (53.3%, OB for LMdW, Cask#705, 275 Bts.)

Tasting Notes by whiskyfun Serge:
Glendronach 37 yo 1972/2009 (53.3%, OB for LMdW, oloroso sherry butt, cask #705, 275 bottles)
Colour: mahogany. Nose: starts smoothly on a rather fruity/chocolaty kind of sherry, with just a little tar in the background. No sulphur that I can detect (it seems that trying to spot sulphur in almost any whisky is a new game in certain circles ;-)). Goes on with a fifty-fifty combination of ‘red’ fruitiness (raspberries first) and light meatiness (rather ham, bacon…), the whole being rather clean but also maybe not immensely expressive. A little parsley. With water: explodes with many fresh fruits, blood oranges, mangos, raspberries and many other ones. Enters another, higher dimension, with ‘something’ that’s usually more to be found in very old peaties. And quite some nutmeg and dried cardamom. Mouth (neat): very nice attack, rather more unusual than on the nose. Red fruits and medicinal notes? Raspberry and cassis jellies mixed with cough syrup (pine resin, eucalyptus) and pepper? And bitter chocolate? Sounds weird but it’s very pleasant in fact. With water: once again, water works very well, even if not as spectacularly as on the nose. More liquorice and a few leathery notes. More cassis jelly, more pepper. Finish: long, more on peppered chocolate and raspberry liqueur. Just a faint tannicity. Comments: just excellent. The chocolaty/tannic notes still are below my limits, despite the old age of this mucho olorosoed Glendronach. SGP:561 -
90 points.