Kininvie 奇富 1990 23年 42.6% 350ML ,Batch 2

商品目錄A~Z 蘇格蘭單一麥芽威士忌KKininvie
國 別:United Kingdom
產 地:蘇格蘭斯佩賽
年 份:1990
酒 齡:23 years old
酒 精 度:42.6%
容 量:35 cl
桶 別:
裝 瓶 數:
Kininvie 奇富 1990 23年 第二版  42.6% 350ML

Kininvie酒廠是由William Grant & Sons家族於1990年所創建,酒廠成立以來僅以Hazelwood為名發行三款酒廠限定版(未流通上市),主要是慶祝WM Grant & Sons集團創始人William Grant,其孫女Janet Sheed Robert 105歲生日高齡時所裝的特別紀念酒款,她也是目前蘇格蘭最高齡的人瑞。Kininvie 1990 23年是該酒廠首度推出上市的單一麥芽威士忌,首發只在台灣獨賣,全世界僅發行七千瓶,甫上市即購一空,本批發行第二版的Kininvie 1990 23年,更是收藏家爭相搶購的酩品

William Grant & Sons旗下兩間知名酒廠格蘭菲迪的清新柔順草香與百富的濃郁麥芽甜味不同,Kininvie呈現的是豐富均衡的花香及瓜果味,非常迷人。



Dave broom :
The Kininvie stillhouse sits between Glenfiddich and Balvenie, and stylistically the whisky is a midpoint between its two sisters. It has its own dedicated 10,000 liter mashtun in the Balvenie mash house (though it doesn’t use any of that distillery’s floor-malted barley) and its own tun room as well, with three new washbacks (out of six in total) being installed at the time of writing.

The stillhouse, often rather cruelly dismissed as no more than a shed, contains nine stills in three sets; one wash to two spirit, the spirit stills being roughly similar to Glenfiddich in shape and size, the wash stills being tall and onion shaped. The cut point is high, thereby avoiding getting heaviness from such small stills.Aging takes place in a variety of woods: first fill bourbon (predominantly for Monkey Shoulder), refill, and some sherry.

When you compare its new make to Balvenie, Kininvie is on the floral side of the spectrum (think geraniums), lighter and sweeter with less thickness on the tongue, lower vanillin and cereal, but a more lifted, estery fruitiness, and a long silkiness on the palate.

It is this mix of flowers and fruits which predominate in Batch Number One. Bright gold, the nose immediately offers up fruit blossom, wild flower meadow, sugared plums, and an old-fashioned sweet shop. Water brings out grass and pineapple. The oak is very restrained, allowing the palate to build in sweetness with supple weight, star fruit, white peach, and light citrus on the finish. It’s very Grants, in that there are hidden depths if you take the time to look, yet is substantially different from its siblings.